Friday, December 4, 2009

Knoll Family

This is my very best friend and her husband and sweet little girl. I had so much fun doing their photos and I hope they love them as much as I do.

And I’m so sorry for scaring you Mikey. I hope it was worth it! I think it was.

Isn't she a doll!

Photographer's Favorite:

Let me introduce you to my new favorite door!

Photographer's Favorite:

Christmas 2009 Designs

Here are some cards I have done for Christmas 2009. Let me know if you would like one done with your photo shoot!

My family's card; big thanks to Julie for taking our pictures!

Hansen Family
Click here to see the rest of their photo shoot.

Hess Family
Click here to see the rest of their photo shoot.

This one I did for my mom. As you can see it isn't a group picture, but I love how it turned out so I'm posting it. I did take all but two of the photos though.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hansen Family

Meet the Hansen family. They were such troopers in the cold and seriously well behaved! Even heading back out after we told them we were done and then decided we needed more.

This mom is the sister of the mom in the Hess Family pictures below. Apparently a fantastic fashion sense runs in that family…

As does having beautiful children!

I already thought the door was slightly overused, but since we had to share it with four other photographers while we were there, I think this may be my final shoot at the door. Luckily we got some fantastic shots to bid it farewell!

They just don't make such good looking families!
Photographer's Favorite:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daley Family

I used to work with both of these guys and it was so great to see them again. What cute little kids they have and we had so much fun discovering new places to shoot. Thanks for being willing to venture outdoors!

One of my favorites and it was Jackson's idea!

I love the little smirk on Peyton's face.

Look at her eyes! They are amazing!

Photographer's Favorite:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hess Family

Meet the Hess family. They are stunning! If you are wondering what to wear for a photo shoot, take a look. They were the best little posers and had such great ideas. Plus they were willing to do anything! I honestly cannot say enough. So sit back and enjoy, because I sure did!

Oh and big thanks to Janece, some of my favorites she took or were her idea.

Seriously? Look how beautiful; it isn't even fair!

Photographer's Favorite:

I know it’s overused, but with what they were wearing, I couldn’t resist using the red door!

Photographer's Favorite:

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