Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kylie & Chloe

These two beautiful girls are my nieces. I love them and they are simply stunning!

Again, I'm a mean lady, who loves crying baby photos.

PS. I love this chair and I love all the pink! Let me know what you think and leave some comments!


Hess Family said...

These pictures are so cute!! I can't wait until Saturday! Hopefully the weather will be okay!!

Brianna said...

I love the little chair!!!! SO cute! And I love the picture of her blowing on the little dandilion seed thingy-ma-bobbers!

And Krystals pictures under that are FREAKING cute!!!!

The Daleys said...

I absolutely adore these! And I have to agree with you about loving crying baby photos. It may make me sound crazy, but sometimes those are the cutest!

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